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Do NOT Sell With Owner Financing Until You Read This

Don’t DARE Sell Your Pinellas County Home, Pasco House

or Hernando House, Before you Ask These Questions


If you are considering selling your house to someone
like me,
that is someone who is buying your house to make a profit and does not plan to live in the house,
there are some questions you need to ask before signing anything.
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1.  Ask the buyer if they are  really buying the house or are they just offering an option to buy, hoping they can sell it to someone else?  If they fail to find a buyer, what happens to you then?

2.  If  they  are taking over your loan without assuming it, what does it do to your credit?  Are they  just putting you into even more trouble?

3.  Where do they get the money they need to buy and how fast can they get it?

4.  Are they the final decision maker, or will they wait until the day before the closing to tell you their partner does not approve of the transaction?

5.  Will the closing of the sale take place at a law office or a title company?  Should you consult with an attorney?

6.  If they do this incorrectly, will it damage your credit more than the risk you now have?

7.  What is the likelihood, that they can really solve your problem?

8.  What could delay the closing and what are the most likely things that will delay the closing?

9.  Can a “short sale”  not only damage your credit, but will also cause you to have an additional income tax problem.  Is that true?

10.  What is the chance that they can get your lender to take less than the full amount of the loan?

11.  What else can go wrong?

I’m not sure there are 100 %  perfect answers to these questions, but asking them will give you an idea of the experience, honesty and skill of the person you are taking to.  There certainly are some answers you never want to hear from the person who is trying to help you with the quick sale of your home.

Email me at SellMyHouse@1Gr8deal.com, I’ll tell you what I believe the answers are to these questions.

And, of course, depending on the individual circumstances, there may well be additional information you will need to know before making a decision.

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