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Do NOT Sell With Owner Financing Until You Read This

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What Is It That You Actually Do?

It pretty much depends on what it is you need done. While there may be certain patterns that reoccur frequently, no two homeowners ever have exactly the same circumstances. Basically, we buy your house when you need to sell fast. We buy houses in foreclosure, houses in bad condition and we buy homes in good condition simply because you want to sell now and can’t wait for the right buyer to come along who is willing to pay retail price and live in the house.

We take over the challenge of selling your house fast and pay you cash. You may simply need a loan for two or three payments to catch up and then make the regular payments and payments on the loan for some period of time. We offer a FREE consultation to help you figure out the path that is best for you.

The Bank is Going to Sell My House Next Week. Can You Help?

Maybe not. We have been able to save a house days away from the foreclosure sale and keep the homeowner in the house. It depends on a number of things: how soon you contact us, what has happened with you and the lender up to now, how much is owed, market conditions, and other vital considerations. The sooner we talk about the specifics of your situation the sooner we can give you a better idea of what we can or can not do for you.

If You Buy My House, What Are You Going to Do With It?

We typically will  rent or sell houses we purchase with a lease option after fixing it up to sell. In many cases the person buying your house in a lease option could be someone like you. In a year from now, you might be ready to purchase a home again, and we hope we could serve you then also. If a blip has caused the problem you are facing, you may be in good economic condition in a year and ready to buy another house. Some of the circumstances causing the current problem may well prevent you from getting a loan from a bank within a year or two. That’s where we can help a you or other prospective buyers. While a bank may not make a loan because of credit history, we may. We may even be helping you buy another house down the road. Maybe pretty soon.

You Sound Like Some Kind of Saint. So What’s In It For You?

Well, we do like to help people. Good Karma and all that. We expect to make a good living out of helping people. Maryan and I have been in real estate since 1992 and as we said doing creative finance even before that. We started finding out ways to put our credit challenged clients into nice houses that they could not have lived in without us. We learned about owner financing, land trusts, lease options and a lot of financing techniques most sellers did not know so our clients could be homeowners. Someone told us that if we could find a way to help alot of people get what they want, we could have what we want. We think that is true today. Call and let’s see if we can help you.

Selling a home, Selling a house? For Sale by Owner?
Sale of an Estate House? 

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