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George and Maryan Beardsleys started buying Florida houses by accident nearly twenty five years ago when they were in a real bind.  They were working on the east coast of Florida and had bought a home in Boca Raton.  When they bought this Florida home, no one told them there was a plan to build a garbage-burning incinerator a mile from their home.  Later, when they decided to move to Pinellas
County they started the process to sell their other home. As honest people, they knew about the proposed plant and told prospective buyers about this risk.  No one would buy their home.

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They left the home in the hands of a Realtor and moved to Palm Harbor, Florida to start a new business.  Paying the mortgage on two houses, financially stretched, they knew they had to find a solution to their real estate problem.  Their Realtor finally called to say she had a buyer but George and Maryan had to carry the mortgage.  They didn’t know even know what that meant. It sounded scary but they were desperate to sell.  The young couple buying the house had great jobs; unfortunately they had a fairly serious ding on their credit report for a reason that could happen to anyone.  Because of the credit problem they could not get a loan from a bank.  They needed Maryan and George so they could buy a home.

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The world is filled with good people that have had something bad happen. The banks no longer help those who really need help.
George and Maryan have went through extensive real estate training in the past twenty years, both are licensed Realtors and George is a broker.  The Beardsleys have their own brokerage company, Advanced Realty Team, but their focus is to buy houses from people who need to sell quickly to get on with their lives and sell houses to good people who have had something bad happen and who the banks don’t care about.
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